Company Profile

Company Profile

A beacon in the skilled craftsmanship of gold bracelets, our company was born 1983, evolving over time in its ingenuity and expertise.Experience and passion, put forth every single day in the handcrafting of stylish bracelets, emerge from a long lived family tradition dating back to the 1960s.

After a period of shared work and collaboration among the family’s siblings, we decided to set ourselves apart by forming our own company, soon recognized for excellence in the design and production of gold bangles. 

The first models, linear and traditionally inspired, paved the way for highly creative designs, where different materials fuse to create a dialogue between size, form and color.
We took our next leap between 1988 and 1992, when the owner’s two children, Manola and Antonio, joined the design team.

From this point forward, our product range has increasingly expanded and diversified while new, appealing models have enriched the collection, often adorned with natural and synthetic stones.

Our company brings refined, sophisticated, yellow and white gold bracelets to life.

An essential, clean design characterizes the jewelry and highlights elegance and attention to detail. This trait, a feather in the company’s cap, gives the bangles great versatility. They can be worn on special occasions, as well as in everyday life, and can be flaunted by women of all ages who enjoy adding a touch of class to their attire.

Strengthened by these qualities and in constant expansion, in 2002 the company set off for a new location that could satisfy its ever growing demands. The new headquarters, comfortable and appropriate to meet the company’s needs, has been an additional turning point in our history, followed by steady growth and collaboration with brands in the fine jewelry industry.